2019 Winter Winds – Villianous

“Super Hero alert!”

The students and staff of Cleveland Arts Performance Ensemble World Winds from Clayton NC are excited to unveil their 2019 production this Saturday at the Polar Classic at Cleveland High School


We invite you to come out of your bat cave and watch as our talented performers explore the evolution of the Joker character over 3 decades. The Winds ensemble will transform from the funny jokester to the current evil villain of today. This fast moving production will showcase our performers talents both musically and visually.

The staff includes Paul Black, Damon Underwood, Jon Lewis, Jay Watts, John Mackenzie, Steven Rainville and Bob Thomas. Music arrangements by Andrew Markworth, choreography by Jon Lewis, sound engineering by Jay Watts and staging design by Hall of Fame Designer Jeff Sacktig. Set and floor design up creative artist Vickie Pointer. The Winds are under the capable direction of Jason Heard.

The Cleveland Arts Performance Scholastic World Winds Ensemble will be performing at AIA contests Cleveland High School, Holly Springs High School, Apex High School and AIA South Championships and WGI Atlanta Regional And concluding at WGI World Championships in Dayton Ohio.

The students and staff want to thank Johnston County Superintendent Ross Renfrow and Cleveland High School Principal Jenna Sauls for their continued support of our program. The Cleveland Arts Performance Ensemble could not be successful without the untiring efforts and support of their amazing Parents and Alumni group.

Don’t miss a chance to see this award wining ensemble this season!

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