June 6, 2017

Critique and Competition

The 10th Annual

Cleveland Critique and Competition

September 25th, 2021

Mark your Calendars and start your season at a competition that is set up to create a fundamentally successful experience for your students.  It is our goal to assist each participating group to achieve new heights.   

EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION ==>  NO Registration Fee for schools signing up before June 15, 2021!  After that date, registration is $100 per school.

The purpose of the Cleveland Critique and Competition is to provide both a learning experience and a competitive process for each band that participates. As bands are refining and preparing for the marching band season at this time of year the goals are twofold: 1) offer a critique process whereby directors have an opportunity to meet with an experienced judge and receive suggestions/comments in a face to face setting; and 2) provide a setting whereby registered bands can participate in an NCBA sanctioned competition and experience the full benefit and experience of a sanctioned competition.

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