August 15, 2018

Student Financial Aid Requests

Cleveland High School Band Parent’s Association

Financial Aid Guidelines

The Cleveland High School Band Parent’s Association is committed to helping dedicated students to be part of the music program regardless of financial circumstances. The BPA’s financial aid program is designed for families with students who could not participate in programs supported by the Cleveland High School Band Parent’s Association without the financial assistance of the BPA. Financial assistance is awarded according to established need and a strong desire to be a positive and active member of the music program throughout the year. While we want to make the program accessible to students regardless of their financial situation, we are able to offer only limited assistance toward fair share assessments. The BPA asks that you apply only if your student would be unable to participate without funding.

Based on needs, the numbers of applicant, and available funding, the BPA may award full or partial financial assistance. All families are asked to make some financial commitment toward the costs associated with their student’s music program. At the discretion of the Board of Directors, special payment arrangements may be made for those that cannot meet the typical monthly payment schedule. Assistance will not be paid directly to any individual, nor will any money be refundable to an individual (all awards of assistance will be credited to a student’s account). Assistance may not be used to pay past due assessments. In addition, financial assistance does not include payment to purchase spirit wear items or personal use items. All decisions regarding financial aid are final.

The Cleveland High School Band Parent’s Association Board of Directors will review all recommendations in closed session and will keep in strict confidence personal family circumstances and any information with the application. Families are encouraged to earn money toward their fair share assessments by participating in BPA sponsored fundraising activities. See the Parents Page for fundraising opportunities.


  • Complete the Cleveland High School BPA Financial Aid Application; including a brief explanation of any special circumstances that should be considered when determining financial aid. The application must be submitted on the Application and returned to the Band Director or mailed to CHSBPA 65 Glen Rd. PMB 195 Garner, NC 27529. The BPA reserves the right to ask for additional documentation or other information to verify financial need.
  • The Cleveland High School Assistant Treasurer, in consultation with the Band Director and another Board Member will consider applications and make a recommendation to the full board for consideration. Full Board consideration is through a blind review process, so that the recommendation is reviewed without the name of the family requesting assistance to maintain confidentiality.
  • Final award of financial assistance is granted after the family makes an initial payment toward the particular expense.

Once approved, students must:

  • Consistently pass all classes on progress reports and report cards throughout the entire school year.
  • Consistently attend all rehearsals and performances throughout the entire school year.
  • Be a positive and actively productive member of the Cleveland High School music program throughout the entire school year.

Family members must participate in events and volunteer time in support of the music programs.